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Best Self Leadership Company

Ebony Jeffries, Owner, CTA Certified Coach, RBLP-T

Ebony Jeffries is the owner of Best Self Leadership Company. She provides executive coaching for individuals and teams. Reviews and assesses training needs. Delivers customized training to enhance knowledge and skills with a focus on team and organizational resilience.

Her background is in Military Education as  an instructor at Gunter Noncommissioned Officer Academy. She excelled at delivering team building, interpersonal communication, conflict management, negotiations, and cross-cultural competence curriculum. Ebony facilitated experiential learning, soft skills, and leadership studies. She also evaluated student comprehension via written assessments and public speaking. She coordinated internal training and developed experiential learning activities. Ebony built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement. 


She was the Resilience Program Manager for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson Arizona and delivered resilience courses to 1,300 military, civilian, and family members. Ebony planned and implemented integrated lessons to meet military standards. She encouraged debate-style classroom environment to increase student engagement and promote critical thinking, open- mindedness, and diversity of thought.

By working through the coaching process of Best Self Leadership Company, you can overcome the hurdles and behaviors holding you back and discover the potential you have to make a real impact on yourself and your team. 

Best Self Leadership offers executive coaching with a resilience focus, catering to both individuals and teams. Through a careful evaluation of distinct requirements, we emphasize resilience-enhancing principles and deliver customized training that resonates with employees. This approach not only enhances team competencies but also contributes to strengthening overall organizational resilience.


With a track record of delivering more than +2,000 hours of training to leaders at the senior, mid, and junior level, our expertise in team building and leadership coaching is exceptional. We recognize that the bedrock of any team lies in authenticity, consistency, and integrity.


What distinguishes us from competitors is our emphasis on fostering resilience skills. Within the workplace, unwavering determination can be created through effective interpersonal communication, adept conflict management, skillful negotiations, and a deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics. We achieve this through guided experiential learning, honing of soft skills, and immersion in leadership studies.

  • Ph.D Industrial and Organizational Psychology Northcentral University, 2026

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Cornell University, June 2023

  • MA, Leadership and Executive Coaching Bellevue University, November 2022

  •  AAS, Instructor of Technology and Military Science Community College of the Air Force, August 2022

  •  Resilience Building Leadership Program Trainer (RBLP-T) Courageous Leadership Alliance, June 2022

  •  BA, Psychology American Public University, August 2019

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